CAD Drawing

Full Program Management and Processing.

  • Inspection fixtures and jigs.
  • Aluminum intensive vehicle structures.
  • Multiple Supplier Team building

Computer Aided 3-d Design for:

  • Fixtures ( Inspection / Weld )
  • Tooling ( Fabrication / Dies )
  • Jigs (Carbon fiber or Epoxy light weight Hand Applies)
  • Automated Cells ( Assembly, Mig Weld and Inspection )

CAD 2-d Plotting and Detailing

CAD Drawing

Engineering Software

  • UG/NX
  • Catia
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • VISI Modeling
  • Autodesk Mechanical Desktop

Milling Software

  • Work NC G3 V20
  • Keller Lathe CAM
CAD Drawing

Weld Development

  • Specializing in Robotic MIG welding with strong background in Aluminum MIG Pulse and CMT.

Automated Cell Integration:

  • MIG Weld Cells with tooling.
  • Inspection and Part Assembly.
  • Sequence and Process Development

Research and Development:

  • Process, equipment and manufacturability evaluation.
  • Developmental Studies and Implementation evaluation.
  • DOE (Design of Experiments)